How semantic web works

Wsolvt for digital media solutions logo The World Wide Web is an interesting paradox -- it's made with computers but for people. The sites you visit every day use natural language, images and page layout to present information in a way that's [...]

Sleep Paralysis

satellite-67718_640 Sleep paralysis is a phenomenon in which people, either when falling asleep or wakening, temporarily experience an inability to move. More formally, it is a transition state between wakefulnessand rest [...]

Nikola Tesla

columbia-92366_640 Nikola Tesla  was a Serbian born and later  inventor, electrical engineer, mechanical engineer, physicist, and futurist best known for his contributions to the design of the modernalternating [...]

Leibniz and Newton

mars-67522_640 In the seventeenth century, the philosophy of space and time came as a central issue in epist and metaphysics. At its heart, Gottfried Leibniz, the German philosopher-mathematician, and Isaac Newton, the [...]

Albert Einstein

rocket-launch-67723_640 In 1905, Albert Einstein published a paper on a special theory of relativity, in which he proposed that space and time be combined into a single construct known asspacetime. In this theory, the speed of [...]

Million-digit prime found

atlantis-79793_640 Curtis Cooper, a mathematician and computer science professor at the University of Central Missouri, has discovered the largest known prime number to date on January 25. Several people verified the [...]

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